My Story

Where Have I Been


I became involved with Goddess spirituality in 2004. I began to formally study of Goddess and Wicca culture while living in the Czech Republic where I became closely involved with the local Goddess spirituality movement. There I underwent yearly trainings and workshops such as the Yearly School of Women’s Mysteries and Wisdom, the Initiation to Feminine Tantric Teachings (which I also co-taught as an assistant after completion of the initiation cycle), and the Priestesses of Old Europe training. I am a contributor to the book Women’s Rituals in Modern Times (original title Novodobé ženské rituály, Toplil 2014).

I have been attending the Goddess Temple of Orange County since 2007, becoming a member in 2008, where I also held the position of a Votress, assisting with purchasing of Temple supplies.

I have created and presented a 3-part series on Slavic Goddesses and Their correspondences on the Slavic Wheel of the Year. I have been part of the process of restoring The Slavic Wheel of the Year as it has been reconstructed by the priestesses and Goddess women of the Czech Republic and Slovakia under the guidance of Katinka Soetens, Avalon Priestess. The Wheel is reintroducing the primary Slavic Goddesses, some of the most ancient Goddesses in the world. My presentation also reviews the ancient customs related to the Holy Days of the Wheel of the Year and their current representation in the modern Czech society.

I have completed a yearly training in Goddess Witchery through the Goddess Temple of OC and have been initiated into a Dianic Wicca Circle of Aradia, attaining my spiritual name Bohemica which reflects my country of origin and my Slavic roots. I have also completed the Priestess College training through the Goddess Temple of OC.

I am an ongoing student of Anne Reith, Ph.D., at the Impart Wisdom and Wellness Center. Under Anne’s training I have become a Reiki Master practitioner and am currently completing Karuna Reiki Master level training and IMPART Certified Practitioner for Reiki Healing program. I have taken many workshops and lectures with Anne pertaining to psychic and spiritual development.

I am an ordained minister of the Universal Life Church which gives me the official authorization to perform all peaceful rites and ceremonies of the church, including weddings, handfasting, funerals, baby namings, baptisms, blessings, etc. and to preach, teach and hold meetings.

Who Guided Me


Among my most influential teachers and spiritual guides are Ivana Megova, Priestess of Libushe, Katka Kramolisova, Priestess of Libushe, Katinka Soetens, Priestess of Avalon and Priestess of Rhiannon, Lilia Khousnoutdinova, Priestess of Avalon and Priestess of Libushe, Sandra Limina, Priestess of the Circle of Aradia, Ava Park, Presiding Priestess of The Goddess Temple of Orange County and the founder of The Museum of Woman, and Anne Reith, Ph.D., Founder of The Institute of Mediumship, Psychic, Astrological and Reiki Training (IMPART).

What's My Vision


I am a strong believer that life as a whole is based on cycles that are closely related to the cycles of the Universe, of our planet, cycles of the Nature such as seasons, Lunar cycles, Sun cycles and also lifetime cycles of us humans. I am very interested and vested lot of energy and studies into cycles of women’s lives on monthly basis but also the cyclical stages women go through throughout their lifetime. These changes are often marked by, what used to be called, rites of passage. Such rites are still honored in many indigenous cultures. In modern societies we can still find them in a watered-down form such as Bat Mitzvah, Quinceanera or baby shower; however, they often lost their original, underlying rite of passing to the next stage in woman’s cyclical life. Yet, some rites have been lost all together. My hope is to help to restore these rites of passages, the celebrations of womanhood in all its stages, forms and progressions and help women to live each stage/cycle to its most valuable and enjoyable potential while not loosing the gifts of any of her past and future cycles.